Meet the man behind the Name

Many know me professionally as COY! but my real name is David S. Coy II. I graduated from St. John's University in Queens, NY. From there I went to New York Film Academy where I studied filmmaking. After working with a production company, Haymaker Productions Inc., and doing videography on the side, I decided to branch out with photography.

Here are some useful facts about COY!

  • Batman is the greatest superhero EVER!! (Don't debate me)
  • I love comic books and watching anime.
  • Favorite Movies: Bad Boys, The Dark Knight, Scream, Ace Ventura.
  • Favorite Shows: Dragonball Z, Dave Chappelle Show, Boondocks (not season 4 though)

As much as I like to have fun and enjoy a good time, when it comes to work especially with photography and video I take it seriously. So let's create something beautiful!!